Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Steve Job's decision to leave Apple?

Steve Jobs is everything Apple. He was one of the founders of Apple, and a chief reason to Apple's resurgence in the 21st century. When his decision to take a year and a half off for medical reasons the stock market reacted. Instantly Apple's stock had dropped.  As of this writing Apple's stock has dropped nearly $25, however, still remains an expensive option in terms of pricing. Should people be worried? I don't think so.

Jobs has built an empire on technology that consumers have proven, does not need to be the latest and greatest. His model KISS (keep it simple stupid), has worked. Apple's latest invention, the iPad, sold nearly 10 million units in it's first year despite carrying a premium price tag.

In short, do not regard Apple's latest dip as a sign for the future. Apple will continue to remain a head figure in today and tommorow's market


  1. I'm sure they will but it's no doubt that Jobs leaving (if he does) will hurt Apple for awhile.

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  2. While it may hurt Apple it won't affect their consumer base, they have a huge following, most of which are completely brand loyal.

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    If Jobs leaves apple are pretty screwed.
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  4. I really don't think it'll affect most of their fan base

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  5. I'm sure the dip is a momentary set back...Apple has too much going for them right now for this to affect any longterm doings.

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