Sunday, July 31, 2011

Couponing...for males?

Getting rich is simple; you can make a boatload of money, or you can be smart with the money you have. The latter will be the subject of today's article inspired by the website I found, One of the best ways to save money is to take advantage of the various weekly sales at such stores like CVS, Wal Greens, and Rite Aid. However, few shoppers know about another such deal that allows you to stack these sales with manufacturer's coupon.

 To test this new art, I tried my hand at getting a $10 Gillette Fusion Proglide for a mere 99 cents. To do this I needed two things; A Wal Greens, and the manufacturer's coupon.

1. The first step of this art form is to either have, or acquire a Sunday newspaper, as these have deals specific to your region. Inside the newspaper will be a small pamphlet containing manufacturer's coupons that usually last a month. It's important to save these pamphlets as often the item you may want will not come on sale till a later time.

2. Check sites like (Cater towards products to men),, and  as these will sometimes have manufacturer's  coupon

3. The last step was acquiring the razor at my local Wal Greens where I used my manufacturer's coupon, and combined it with their $5 back in register rewards, to pay the pricely sum of $1.

Couponing for some is a tedious art form, but there's only two ways to become rich, and this is much easier!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Status update

herro everybody, long time no see!

Been pretty bored, forgot all about this thing.
Anyways, this summer has been pretty epic. On June 24th I got jaw surgery to correct my class 3 underbite.  Currently I am still recovering from jaw surgery, still pretty sore, still swollen a bit.

Being a miscer, everybody loves bite before surgery

My bite after surgery..still a bit swollen!

Reasons for surgery:
I'm not going to lie, it was mostly because I wasn't happy with my smile. The other miniscule reason was that an orthodontist explained how jaw requires support from both the upper and lower jaw. Since my jaws did not line up properly I would risk possibly losing all of my upper teeth.

The business aspects of the surgery is the surgery costs a total of 30k, with 25k being paid for by the insurance. The remaining 5k was for braces.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Google/Mozilla adding new privacy features to their browser

Remember the days when using internet explorer was as taboo as mating with a dirty whore? Well, it still is, but at least now we can opt for some protection using Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. Today, both companies announced that they will add new privacy features so that you cannot be traced. The system will work similar to the already implemented "Do Not Call" list, where users of  the browser can opt to not want to be traced.

So, if you're still using internet explorer, get tested, and make the switch to Chrome or Firefox.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Steve Job's decision to leave Apple?

Steve Jobs is everything Apple. He was one of the founders of Apple, and a chief reason to Apple's resurgence in the 21st century. When his decision to take a year and a half off for medical reasons the stock market reacted. Instantly Apple's stock had dropped.  As of this writing Apple's stock has dropped nearly $25, however, still remains an expensive option in terms of pricing. Should people be worried? I don't think so.

Jobs has built an empire on technology that consumers have proven, does not need to be the latest and greatest. His model KISS (keep it simple stupid), has worked. Apple's latest invention, the iPad, sold nearly 10 million units in it's first year despite carrying a premium price tag.

In short, do not regard Apple's latest dip as a sign for the future. Apple will continue to remain a head figure in today and tommorow's market

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ok, so my first real post

This year's football playoffs have been an indication of where the NFL is headed, the youth. Green Bay's Aaron Rodger 27, Steeler's Big Ben 28, Mark Sanchise (2nd year player), and Jay Diabetus Cutler 27. Youth is important in the league, but as a wise QB once said "it is only when you are on the decline of your career do you truly realize the field" So is it because Peyton and Tommy 3 rings are obsolete in a league where the average career span is just 4 years? Perhaps so, but I for one would still take Peyton or Tommy 3 rings over any of the said QB's.

Analysis of "Ok, so my first real post" will come Tuesday or Wednesday.

What this blog will be about

This blog will be about stuff that I care about (football, pretty women, football, sports, and some politics) so if you're the typical male then this blog is for you.